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Installation Methods

Booting / Multiboot (Windows, MacOSX, …)


Architectures / Platforms


Gentoo on gaming consoles (not mobile consoles)



  • Software RAID

** Install VL on LVM2 Root Partition

Kernel & Hardware


  • CPU Throttling/Frequency Scaling
  • [[HOWTO Fix Common ACPI Problems|Fix Common ACPI Problems]]
  • [[HOWTO Getting APM Suspend to Work|Getting APM Suspend to Work]]
  • [[HOWTO PowerNow!|PowerNow!]]
  • [[HOWTO Shutdown headless server when power-button pressed]]
  • [[HOWTO Software Suspend v2|Software Suspend v2]]
  • [[HOWTO Undervolt a Pentium M CPU|Undervolt a Pentium M CPU]]
  • [[HOWTO Power Management|Judge your power usage]]


  • [[HOWTO Compile a Kernel Manually|Compile a Kernel Manually]]
  • [[HOWTO Customizing UDEV|Customizing UDEV]]
  • [[HOWTO Install a Kernel Patch|Install a Kernel Patch]]
  • [[HOWTO Install kernel sources manually|Install kernel sources manually]]
  • [[HOWTO Migrate to NPTL|Migrate to NPTL]]
  • [[HOWTO Migrate to UDEV|Migrate to UDEV]]
  • [[HOWTO Remote Kernel Upgrade|Remote Kernel Upgrade]]
  • [[HOWTO Quick GRUB|Quick GRUB]]
  • [[HOWTO INTEL XEON WITH EM64T Optimizations|Intel Xeon (EM64T)]]
  • [[HOWTO Notes on open source and closed source states of AMD 64 drivers|Notes on open source and closed source states of AMD 64 drivers]]
  • [[HOWTO iscsi]]


  • ATI Drivers
  • [[HOWTO DRI with ATi Open-Source Drivers|DRI with ATi Open-Source Drivers]]
  • [[HOWTO nVidia Drivers|nVidia Drivers]]
  • [[HOWTO X850XT ATI Drivers|getting Asus X850XT working with the official ATI Drivers]]
  • [[HOWTO ATI on amd64|ATI on amd64]]
  • [[HOWTO Direct rendering on Intel Extreme Graphics (855GM) chipsets|Direct rendering on Intel Extreme Graphics (855GM) chipsets]]
  • [[HOWTO Intel Onboard Graphics Notebooks Native Resolution|Intel Onboard Graphics Notebooks Native Resolution]]
  • [[HOWTO fbsplash|Framebuffer Splash]]
  • [[HOWTO Framebuffer:Bootsplash:Grubsplash|Use Framebuffer, Bootsplash & Grubsplash]]
  • [[HOWTO Create Gensplash Themes|Create Gensplash (Framebuffer Splash) Themes]]
  • [[HOWTO Splash image in GRUB|Set Splash Image in GRUB]]
  • [[HOWTO Linux Logo Hack|Linux Logo Hack]]
  • [[HOWTO TV-Out|TV-Out]]

Hard Disk

  • Monitor Your hard drive Using Smartmon Tools
  • [[HOWTO Move Gentoo Installation to new hard disk|Move Gentoo Installation to new hard disk]]
  • [[HOWTO Use hdparm to improve IDE device performance|Use HDParm to Improve Performance]]
  • [[Filesystem support]]
  • [[HOWTO HDD temperature check|Periodically check your hard disks temperature]]
  • [[HOWTO HDD spindown small server|Spin down hard disks of a small (embedded) server]]

Kernel Flavors

  • [[HOWTO no-sources|No Sources]]


  • [[HOWTO gnome-volume-manager|Gnome Volume Manager]]
  • [[HOWTO Multicard reader|Multicard reader]]
  • [[HOWTO SD and MMC card readers|SD and MMC card reader (laptop)]]
  • [[HOWTO setup touchscreen|Setup Elo Touchscreen]]
  • [[HOWTO Auto mount filesystems (AUTOFS)|Kernel automounter]]
  • [[HOWTO Submount|Submount]]
  • [[HOWTO Supermount|Supermount]]
  • [[HOWTO ivman|Use IVMAN]]
  • [[HOWTO LIRC|HOWTO LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control)]]
  • [[HOWTO Install a webcam]]
  • [[HOWTO static USB mouse|How to let your touchpad/usb to have a default symlink]]
  • [[HOWTO Run a Sony EyeToy Camera]]


  • [[HOWTO use the scanner and printer Samsung SCX4200]]
  • [[HOWTO D-Link DP-100 HW Printerserver and others|D-Link DP-100 HW Printerserver and others & CUPS]]
  • [[HOWTO Samsung ML-1710 with Samba/CUPS|Samba/CUPS network print server with Samsung ML-1710]]
  • [[HOWTO Native Windows Printing with CUPS/Samba|Native Windows Printing with CUPS/Samba]]
  • [[HOWTO Konica Minolta printers with CUPS and FOOMATIC|Konica Minolta printers with CUPS and FOOMATIC]]
  • [[HOWTO EPSON CX3650 & DX3850 : scanner and printer configuration]]
  • [[HOWTO Canon LBP 2900 with Samba|Printing on Canon LBP 2900 connected to Windows XP using CUPS]]
  • [[HOWTO Cups Win No Samba|CUPS Server+Window Client W/O SAMBA]]
  • [[HOWTO Linux printer sharing with CUPS|Linux printer sharing with CUPS]]
  • [[HOWTO EPSON Stylus C80 Driver Installation]]
  • [[HOWTO Brother Printer/Scanners]]
  • [[Brother MFC 420CN]]
  • [[HOWTO Turboprint]]
  • [[HOWTO Create and Print to a Virtual PDF Printer]]
  • [[Canon Pixma Series]]
  • [[HOWTO Konica Copiers (i.e 7020,7030,etc)]]
  • [[HOWTO Samsung CLP-510 Driver Installation]]
  • [[HOWTO HP OfficeJet 6310 : scanner and printer configuration]]


  • Installing USB Scanner
  • [[HOWTO EPSON CX3650 & DX3850 : scanner and printer configuration]]
  • [[HOWTO HP OfficeJet 6310 : scanner and printer configuration]]


  • ALSA
  • [[HOWTO ALSA Complete (includes dmix)|Setup ALSA Complete (includes software mixing if necessary)]]
  • [[HOWTO ALSA simple|Simple ALSA Software mixing]]
  • [[HOWTO Jack|Install and configure JACK]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Creative Sound Blaster Live 24-bit external (usb)|Install Sound Blaster Live 24-bit External (USB)]]
  • [[HOWTO speechd|Let Your Gentoo Speak with Speechd]]

** [[Clipboard speak|Speak the contents of the clipboard]]

  • [[HOWTO Surround Sound|Configure a Surround Sound Setup]]
  • [[HOWTO nForce2 hw mixing|Configure nForce2 hw mixing (nvsound + alsa)]]
  • [[HOWTO Virtual PC Speaker|Virtual PC Speaker]]
  • [[HOWTO Logitech V10 Notebook Speakers|Configure Logitech's V10 Notebook Speakers]]


  • [[HARDWARE Energizer UPS]]
  • [[HOWTO NUT]]


  • [[HOWTO Bluetooth Sync with Palm or PocketPC|Bluetooth Syncing with Palm or PocketPC]]
  • [[HOWTO Configure Gentoo as a BlackDog host|Configure Gentoo as a BlackDog host]]
  • [[HOWTO GPS / Microsoft GPS-360|GPS / Microsoft GPS-360]]
  • [[HOWTO Griffin PowerMate with UDEV and Kernel 2.6.x|Griffin PowerMate with UDEV & Kernel 2.6]]
  • [[HOWTO Installing USB Scanner|Installing USB Scanner]]
  • [[HOWTO USB Mass Storage Device|USB Mass Storage Device]]
  • [[HOWTO USB sync for Palm PDAs with Evolution 2.0 and udev|USB Sync Using Evolution & UDEV]]
  • [[HOWTO USB LIRC streamZap|USB LIRC streamZap]]
  • [[HOWTO Install a digital camera|Install a digital camera with UDEV]]
  • [[HOWTO Orinoco USB|Get your Orinoco USB device working]]
  • [[HOWTO Wacom Tablet|Setting up a Wacom Tablet]]
  • [[HOWTO iRiver|Using an iRiver with Gentoo]]
  • [[HOWTO Xbox 360 controller on Linux]]
  • [[HOWTO Logitech Gamepad]]
  • [[HOWTO Delorme EarthMate GPS LT-20]]



  • Acovea — Getting the most out of your processor
  • Set up a Car Computer
  • [[HOWTO iPod Shuffle|iPod Shuffle]]
  • [[HOWTO Update iPod Firmware|Update iPod Firmware]]
  • [[HOWTO Remove PAM|Remove PAM]]
  • [[HARDWARE Using an iPod|Use an iPod with Gentoo]]
  • [[HOWTO Make your system use unicode/utf-8|Using Unicode and UTF-8]]
  • [[HOWTO PDA-PIM|PDA-PIM]] - Gentoo's PDA/PIM Guide
  • [[Regex|Guide to understanding regular expressions]]
  • [[HOWTO Fix Grub it can't find a kernel]]
  • [[HOWTO PDA]]
  • [[HOWTO PSP]]
  • [[HOWTO Send emails with shell scripts]]
  • [[HOWTO Syncing Time via internet|HOWTO Sync your system-clock via internet (without NTP)]]
  • [[HOWTO run only free software]] very useful for non x86 architectures
  • [[HOWTO run Proprietary software]] you don't trust proprietary software do you?
  • [[HOWTO File Compression|File Compression]] — How to compress and decompress files
  • [[Computers system monitoring|HOWTO monitoring computers]] — monitoring physical, systems and network parameters, use rrdtool and apache.

Learning and Teaching Gentoo

  • [[HOWTO Plan, setup and run a high school Gentoo Club|Plan, setup and run a high school Gentoo Club]]
  • [[HOWTO run a Gentoo Install Competition|run a Gentoo Install Competition]]

Build a Gentoo High Performance Cluster

  • [[HOWTO Configure Gentoo Linux for Clustering]]
  • [[HOWTO MPI Programming]]
  • [[HOWTO Torque/Maui - grid scheduler and resource manager]]

Networks & Services

Apache Related

''See: [[Index:Apache2]]''

  • [[Apache2 Install|HOWTO Install Apache2]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache Ant and Jakarta Tomcat]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache2 and Drupal]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache2 and MAMBO]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache2 with PHP MySQL]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache2 with perl]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache2 and Tomcat5]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache 2 bandwidth limiting|HOWTO Apache2 Bandwidth Limitations]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache2 and mod ftpd]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache2 and mod auth ldap]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache2 with WordPress]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache2 with BASE]]
  • [[HOWTO SSL certificates]]
  • [[HOWTO install Gnu Mailman]]
  • [[HOWTO PHP4 and PHP5 Simultaneously]]
  • [[HOWTO PHP-Java Bridge]]
  • [[Streamlining your web server]]
  • [[Apache chroot: the mod security way]]
  • [[HOWTO Apache VirtualHost by IP Address]]
  • [[Netegrity install]]



  • [[HOWTO mobile phone connected with IrDA]]

Mail Servers

  • [[HOWTO Install Kerio Mailserver]]
  • [[Courier ssl|HOWTO Enable SSL on Courier IMAP]]
  • [[HOWTO Small Email Server with Postfix with POP3 (TLS)]]
  • [[QmailRocksOnGentoo]] - Install Qmail on Gentoo without MySQL (QmailRocks semi-based)
  • [[HOWTO Setup a Virtual Postfix/Courier Mail System with PostfixAdmin]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup QMAIL VPOPMAIL and Other Mail Servers|HOWTO Setup QMAIL, VPOPMAIL & Other Mail Servers]]
  • [[HOWTO Spam Filtering with Gentoo, Postfix, Amavis]]
  • [[HOWTO Spam Filtering with DSPAM and Postfix]]
  • [[HOWTO Postfix-LDAP virtual users with qmail schema|HOWTO Postfix Ldap Virtual with Qmail Schema + Courier + Sasl2]]
  • [[HOWTO Fetch mails from multiple POP/IMAP-mailboxes and export them via IMAP to Thunderbird/SquirrelMail etc]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Courier with maildrop and ClamAV and SpamAssassin]]
  • [[HOWTO Email: A Complete Virtual System]]
  • [[HOWTO Email System for the Home Network|HOWTO Email System for the Home Network (Part 1)]]
  • [[HOWTO Email System for the Home Network Part 2|HOWTO Email System for the Home Network (Part 2)]]
  • [[HOWTO Email Virtual Hosting with Courier and MySQL]]
  • [[HOWTO Email Virtual Server Maildrop and Spam Assasin]]
  • [[HOWTO Email Virus Scanner — MPP]]
  • [[HOWTO Email Virus Scanner — Mailscanner]]
  • [[maildrop configuration|HOWTO Configure Maildrop]]

Database Management Systems

  • [[HOWTO Configure Postgresql|HOWTO Configure PostgreSQL]]
  • [[HOWTO MySQL]]
  • [[HOWTO Backup MySQL]]
  • [[HOWTO Samba with Mysql]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup mysql virtual hosting]]


  • [[HOWTO Diskless X terminal with read-only root]]
  • [[HOWTO network boot without write access on server]]
  • [[HOWTO diskless in a heterogeneous environment]] (Network with many different kinds of hardware)
  • Diskless: Unionfs. Why not?

Content Management Systems


  • [[HOWTO Eggdrop]]
  • [[HOWTO psyBNC]]
  • [[HOWTO ircd-hybrid]]
  • [[HOWTO identd using oidentd]]


  • [[HOWTO IP Aliasing]]
  • [[HOWTO IPv6]]
  • [[HOWTO ISDN]]
  • [[HOWTO ISDN Alt]]
  • [[HOWTO Parallel Port Network]]
  • [[HOWTO Packet Shaping|HOWTO Packet Shaping & QoS Bandwidth Management]]
  • [[accessfs|HOWTO Accessfs - ports <1024 for non-root]]
  • [[HOWTO Xilinx]]
  • [[HOWTO Zabbix]]
  • [[HOWTO Cisco device logging]]
  • HOWTO Add a VL server to a windows network
  • [[HOWTO quick routing]]
  • [[HOWTO TCP Tuning]]
  • [[HOWTO Own Free domain]]


  • [[HOWTO print winserver|HOWTO Print WinServer]]
  • [[HOWTO setup a home-server|HOWTO Setup a Home Server]]
  • [[HOWTO D-Link DP-100 HW Printerserver|HOWTO Use a D-Link Print Server]]
  • [[HOWTO Serving Mac]]
  • HOWTO Setup a VL Bridge
  • [[HOWTO setup a corporate Gentoo server]]
  • [[HOWTO setup a File Server]]
  • [[HOWTO The Home Network for Beginners]]
  • [[HOWTO squid/squidGuard]]
  • [[Synergy|Control your computers over a LAN using Synergy]]
  • [[HOWTO add a static route]]
  • [[HOWTO static ip with dhcp router]]
  • [[HOWTO Network profiles with arping]]

Network Filesystems

  • HOWTO Share Directories Using AFP
  • HOWTO Share Directories Using NFS
  • [[Network File Transfer Protocols and Filesystems#SHFS|HOWTO Share Directories Using SHFS]]
  • [[HOWTO Adding a Samba Server into an existing AD Domain|HOWTO Adding a SAMBA Server Into an Existing AD Domain]]
  • [[HOWTO Implement Samba as your PDC]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup Samba|HOWTO setup Samba for client and server use.]]
  • [[HOWTO NFSv4]]
  • [[HOWTO iFolder]]
  • [[HOWTO aoe|HOWTO Setup ata over ethernet]]
  • [[HOWTO LDAP SAMBA PDC|HOWTO Setup a LDAP based Samba PDC]]
  • [[HOWTO Webdav Mount|HOWTO Mount a WebDAV share as a filesystem]]
  • [[HOWTO Access NFS via SFU|HOWTO Access an NFS share from Windows using SFU]]


  • [[HOWTO Install a modem that uses the eagle-usb software]]
  • [[HOWTO Speedtouch modem]]
  • [[HOWTO Alcatel Speedtouch modem]]
  • [[HOWTO slmodem]]
  • [[HOWTO Huawei E630 HSDPA Data card]]


  • [[HOWTO giFT p2p]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup A Bittorrent Tracker]]
  • [[HOWTO qsubmit|HOWTO use qsubmit (for MLdonkey)]]
  • [[Rtorrent with xmlrpc on lighttpd]]


  • [[HOWTO Setup a Dialup Connection]]
  • [[HOWTO connect to the internet via ppp and sprint pcs|HOWTO Connect Using PPP & Sprint PCS]]
  • [[HOWTO PPPoA ADSL with a Conexant Accessrunner PCI modem]]
  • [[HOWTO PPTP tunnels with kernel 2.6|HOWTO PPP Tunneling & Kernel 2.6]]
  • [[HOWTO Set up a vpn client with mppe encryption|HOWTO Setup a VPN Client Using MPPE Encryption]]
  • [[HOWTO PPTP VPN client (Microsoft-compatible with mppe)]]
  • [[HOWTO PPTP Internet]]
  • [[HOWTO Tivo PPP Gateway|HOWTO TiVo PPP Gateway]]
  • [[HOWTO Connect using PPPoE]]
  • [[HOWTO Connect using Sprint PCS Merlin S620 EVDO]]


  • [[HOWTO DNAT+SNAT+OpenVPN+iproute2: routing setup]]

Security & Anonymity

  • [[HOWTO OpenSwan 2.6 kernel]]
  • [[HOWTO Shorewall Firewall IPsec VPN and 2.6 kernel]]
  • [[HOWTO OpenVPN RoadWarrior]]
  • [[HOWTO OpenVPN primer]]
  • [[Freeradius]]
  • [[HOWTO Anonymity with Tor and Privoxy|HOWTO Anonymity with TOR & Privoxy]]
  • [[HOWTO Anonymity with Tor on the web|HOWTO Anonymity with TOR on the Web]]
  • [[HOWTO Freenet]]
  • [[HOWTO Iptables for newbies|HOWTO Iptables (Firewall) for Beginners]]
  • [[HOWTO setup PHP-Syslog-NG|HOWTO Setup PHP-Syslog-ng]]
  • [[HOWTO Port Knocking]]
  • [[HOWTO BlockHosts|HOWTO Protect SSHD (and others) with BlockHosts]]
  • [[HOWTO Protect SSHD with DenyHosts]]
  • [[HOWTO Protect SSHD with Swatch]]
  • [[HOWTO fail2ban|HOWTO Protect SSHD (and others) from bruteforce attacks with fail2ban]]
  • [[HOWTO sshdfilter|HOWTO Protect SSHD from bruteforce attacks with sshdfilter]]
  • [[HOWTO Snort]]
  • [[HOWTO Aircrack WEP]]
  • [[HOWTO IDS]]
  • [[HOWTO NIDS]]
  • [[HOWTO Snoop terminal session]] # Should not be in Security & Anonymity section. Maybe 4.5 General instead.
  • [[HOWTO Skeys]]
  • [[HOWTO autossh and knockd]]
  • [[HOWTO SSH without a password]]
  • [[HOWTO Nocat]]
  • [[HOWTO put dnsmasq in a chroot jail]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup a VPN with tinc]]
  • [[HOWTO Encrypted Backup System Using Bacula and GnuPG]]
  • [[HOWTO SELinux]]
  • [[HOWTO Null Selinux on non-SELinux profile]]
  • [[HOWTO Understand SELinux]]
  • [[HOWTO DoD CAC]]
  • [[HOWTO VPN over SSH and tun]]


  • [[HOWTO Apple ITunes Server|HOWTO Apple iTunes Server]]
  • [[HOWTO Confixx3]]
  • [[HOWTO CVS Server]]
  • [[HOWTO Distcc server on Windows|HOWTO DistCC Server on Microsoft Windows]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup a Dynamic DNS with an Updating Daemon]]
  • [[HOWTO Dynamic DNS]]
  • [[HOWTO Dynamic DNS with EveryDNS]]
  • [[HOWTO Download Cache for LAN-Http-Replicator|HOWTO Download Cache for LAN-HTTP-Replicator]]
  • [[HOWTO FAX Server]]
  • [[HOWTO vsftpd]]
  • [[HOWTO Gentoo and INND]]
  • [[HOWTO Halflife Dedicated Server (CounterStrike)]]
  • [[HOWTO Icecast OGG and MP3 streaming|HOWTO Icecast OGG & MP3 Streaming]]
  • [[HOWTO Salem Radio Labs Rivendell Streaming Radio]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Openbravo ERP]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Oracle 10g]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Oracle 10g Express Edition]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Roundcube]]
  • [[HOWTO Jabberd2 Server Setup]] - how to set up a jabberd2 server with transports
  • [[HOWTO Juniper SSL Network Connect VPN]] - Howto setup the Juniper SSL "Network Connect" VPN
  • [[HOWTO secure OpenLDAP network]]
  • [[HOWTO Lighttpd]]
  • [[HOWTO Local Rsync Mirror]]
  • [[HOWTO Sybase ASE 12.5.2]]
  • [[HOWTO NTP]]
  • [[HOWTO NTP Using OpenNTPD]]
  • [[HOWTO with OpenLDAP]]
  • [[HOWTO OpenVPN Server for Ethernet Bridging with Server Certificates]]
  • [[HOWTO OpenVPN primer|HOWTO OpenVPN Primer]]
  • [[HOWTO Road Warriors with OpenVPN]]
  • [[HOWTO OpenVPN Linux Server Windows Client]]
  • [[OsCommerce]]
  • [[HOWTO PHP 5 with PEAR]]
  • [[HOWTO ProFTPD]]
  • [[HOWTO PureFTPD with MySQL Auth and PhpMyAdmin|HOWTO PureFTPD using MySQL Auth & PhpMyAdmin]]
  • [[HOWTO PureFTPD, MySQL Authenticaton and Usermanager]]
  • [[HOWTO SFTP Server (chrooted, without shell)|HOWTO SFTP Server (Chrooted Without Shell)]]
  • [[HOWTO SNMP and MRTG Made Easy|HOWTO SNMP & MRTG Made Easy]]
  • [[HOWTO Set a timeout for DHCPCD]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup a DNS Server with DJBDNS]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup a DNS Server with BIND]]
  • [[HOWTO Subversion]]
  • [[HOWTO SysCP]]
  • [[HOWTO Use Snort, Acid, and MySQL Effectively|HOWTO Use SNORT, ACID & MySQL Effectively]]
  • [[HOWTO Install OS-SIM : Open Source Security Information Management]]
  • [[HOWTO Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent for Linux and Unix Servers]]
  • [[HOWTO Tunnel VNC over ssh]]
  • [[HOWTO TWiki]]
  • [[HOWTO use cron]]
  • [[HOWTO Unrealircd]]
  • [[HOWTO Linux Virtual Server]]
  • [[HOWTO yaa]]
  • [[HOWTO Rancid]] - Install Rancid for Config Archival
  • [[HOWTO Setup UPnP with IPTables]]
  • [[HOWTO Use MRTG with a Linksys Router]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup NIS]]
  • HOWTO Mount a Virtual Filesystem (ftp, or ssh)
  • [[HOWTO setup DHCP]]
  • [[HOWTO business]] - Install services for a company in order to have good tools for working (such as ooo,wayback-filesystem…)
  • [[HOWTO Install Nagios]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Hula Mailserver]]
  • [[HOWTO VerliHub]]
  • [[HOWTO LDAP auth and SUDO]]
  • [[HOWTO Wildfire with LDAP]] - a full featured Jabber server
  • [[HOWTO Darwin Streaming Server]]

High Availability and Failover

  • [[HOWTO Setup IP failover with UCARP]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup Bonded ethernet adapters]]

Wireless LAN

  • Configure Wireless Network
  • [[HOWTO Building a Wireless Access Point]]
  • [[HOWTO Wireless Configuration and Startup]]
  • [[HOWTO WPA Enterprise with MySQL|HOWTO WPA Enterprise (WPA/RADIUS) with MySQL]]
  • [[HOWTO Wireless Configuration for RT2500 cards]]
  • [[HOWTO Wireless Configuration for TUE]]


''See Also: [[Index:TIP#Portage|Portage Tips]]''

  • [[Advanced Emerge World]]
  • [[HOWTO Doing a huge emerge system - emerge world]]
  • [[HOWTO change CHOST relatively safely]]
  • [[HOWTO Create an Updated Ebuild]]
  • [[HOWTO Create A Build Host]]
  • [[HOWTO Distcc over SSH with Portage]]
  • [[HOWTO Emerge on very slow systems]]
  • [[HOWTO etc-update]]
  • [[HOWTO etc-proposals]]
  • [[HOWTO Gensync]]
  • [[HOWTO ICC and Portage]]
  • [[HOWTO Installing 3rd Party Ebuilds]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Deltup|HOWTO Reduce Downloading Time with Deltup]]
  • [[HOWTO Resume a deltup download]]
  • [[HOWTO Maintain Gentoo - "Best Practices"]]
  • [[HOWTO pkgcore quickstart guide]]
  • [[HOWTO Portage Fetch With Download Accelerator]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup local Portage and Package Mirror]]
  • [[HOWTO Use dijjer for portage]]
  • [[HOWTO Use Portage alternative - Paludis]]
  • [[HOWTO Use Portage alternative - pkgcore]]
  • [[HOWTO Use Portage Correctly]]
  • [[HOWTO Using a shared portage via NFS|HOWTO Using a Shared Portage Via NFS]]
  • [[HOWTO VERY small Portage Tree with SquashFS and UnionFS]]
  • [[HOWTO Write Ebuilds]]



  • [[HOWTO AntiVir Installation]]
  • [[HOWTO AVG Free antivirus with on-access scanner]]
  • [[HOWTO Beagle]]
  • [[HOWTO Evidence]]
  • [[HOWTO f-spot]]
  • [[HOWTO Flash 9 and Firefox|HOWTO Flash 9 & Firefox]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Firescape]]
  • [[HOWTO GNUstep]]
  • [[HOWTO iFolder client v2]] - version 2 (Prop)
  • [[HOWTO iFolder client]] - version 3 (OSS)
  • [[HOWTO Java and Firefox|HOWTO Java & Firefox]]
  • [[HOWTO Looking Glass]]
  • [[HOWTO Synchronize PocketPC and Evolution]]
  • [[HOWTO Skin the Lock/Unlock Dialog in XScreenSaver]]
  • [[Windows,linux,portage equivalents]]
  • [[HOWTO Editing OpenDesktop Menus]] - e.g. KDE-Menu, Gnome-Menu, so called "Root-menu"…
  • [[HOWTO Skype]]
  • [[HOWTO Remove Gnome]]
  • [[HOWTO Transition, Move, Migrate, Switch Thunderbird from Windows to Linux with Enigmail]]
  • [[HOWTO Record your screen (screencasting) with vnc2swf]]


  • [[HOWTO D-BUS, HAL, KDE media:/]]
  • [[HOWTO NSV on Linux|HOWTO Decode NSV on Linux]]
  • [[HOWTO DVD-Ripping]]
  • [[HOWTO DVD to VCD]]
  • [[HOWTO Mencoder Introduction Guide]]
  • [[HOWTO Use MythTV]]
  • [[HOWTO RealPlayer10Gold|HOWTO RealPlayer 10 Gold]]
  • [[HOWTO Rip Streams With MPlayer|HOWTO Rip Streams with MPlayer]]
  • [[HOWTO Video Disk Recorder (VDR)]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Lsongs]]
  • [[HOWTO VLC]]
  • [[HOWTO mplayerplug-in]]
  • [[HOWTO mplayerplug-in and Opera-browser]]
  • [[HOWTO MPlayer]]
  • [[HOWTO MPlayer on Framebuffer]]
  • [[HOWTO Rip DVD mencoder|Rip a DVD to MPEG-4 using MEncoder]]
  • [[HOWTO Dolby Digital and DTS]]
  • [[HOWTO Optimize Multimedia Support]]
  • [[HOWTO AlienBBC on Slimserver]]
  • [[HOWTO Make mplayerplug-in work with Opera]]
  • [[HOWTO DVD-Slideshow]]


  • Asterisk — PBX System
  • [[HOWTO Convert from iTunes]] - How to move your iTunes library to Linux, and unprotect it.
  • Play M4P Audio Files - Play m4p/m4a audio files
  • [[HOWTO From Winamp to XMMS]]
  • [[HOWTO rip mp3s]]
  • [[HOWTO Largefile Sound Recording and Cutting]]
  • [[HOWTO XMMS2]]
  • [[HOWTO ALSA and TeamSpeak on amd64]]
  • [[HOWTO MPD]]
  • [[Linuxsampler]]


  • [[HOWTO Open-Xchange]]
  • [[HOWTO User Mode Linux]]
  • [[HOWTO Watchdog Timer]]
  • HOWTO Use Vim effectively
  • [[HOWTO Install Bugzilla]] Using Bugzilla for fun and profit.
  • [[HOWTO Trac]]
  • [[HOWTO Install VMWare Server]]
  • [[HOWTO OpenID Mediawiki extension]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Fedora Directory Server]]


  • Building packages for the VL repository
  • [[HOWTO Compile Kernel With Distcc and CCache]]
  • [[HOWTO use ccache and distcc with scons build tool using the Gentoo environment]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup An ICECREAM Compile Cluster]]


  • [[HowTo Install Continuum]]


  • [[HOWTO Convert LaTeX to HTML with MathML]]
  • [[HOWTO Convert Microsoft LIT to Palm DOC (pdb)]]
  • [[HOWTO TeX]] - Get started with (La)TeX and basic TeX TeXnics
  • [[HOWTO installing Anjuta2|HOWTO Installing Anjuta2]]
  • [[HOWTO Panorama photography tools]]
  • [[HOWTO read raw camera images|HOWTO Read raw camera images]]
  • [[HOWTO transfer from mbox to gmail|HOWTO Transfer mbox to gmail]]
  • [[HOWTO Open sources alternatives]] Open source alternative to closed source drivers,programs,firmware…, useful for non x86 architectures
  • [[HOWTO GnuPG]]
  • [[How-To Install Open for Businesses on SME Server|HOWTO Install Open for Business on SME Server]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Gazebo/Player/Stage]]
  • [[HOWTO POP3 Thru Freepops]]
  • [[HOWTO Catalyst Framework]] - the elegant Perl MVC web framework
  • [[HOWTO RHIDE - the best text-based Integrated Development IDE|HOWTO RHIDE]] - A text-based Integrated Development IDE
  • [[HOWTO Migrate to Gmail]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Oracle Developer Suite 10g]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Autodesk Maya 8.5]]
  • [[HOWTO mandarintools dimsum|Chinese Mandarin Tools DimSum]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Eric4 Snapshot]]
  • [[Cruise control|HOWTO Cruise Control]] - A Java based automated build system.
  • [[HOWTO Setup Netbeans and Tomcat]]
  • [[Electronic Design Automation|HOWTO Installing Commercial Electronic Design Automation Tools (FPGA/ASIC)]]

System Related


  • [[HOWTO Backup]]
  • [[HOWTO Manage services and runlevels via a modern GUI]]
  • [[HOWTO create a run level|HOWTO Create a Run Level]]
  • [[HOWTO DOS emulation|DOS emulation]]
  • [[HOWTO Initng]]
  • [[HOWTO Use Hpasm]]
  • [[HOWTO Make an rc script|HOWTO Make RC Scripts]]
  • [[HOWTO Migrate to GCC 3.4]]
  • [[HOWTO RTAI and COMEDI on 2.6 Kernel|HOWTO RTAI & COMEDI Using Kernel 2.6]]
  • [[HOWTO ADEOS-based RTAI/fusion on Gentoo]]
  • [[HOWTO ADEOS-IPIPE and Xenomai]]
  • [[HOWTO Xenomai 2.1.x Branch]]
  • [[HOWTO ICC and Portage]]
  • [[HOWTO Create an UTF-8 enabled system]]
  • [[HOWTO Recover from "emerge —unmerge gcc"]]
  • [[HOWTO cvs home dir]] - Archive your home directory
  • [[HOWTO Merge OpenSceneGraph]]
  • [[HOWTO Migrate to GCC 4.1]]
  • [[HOWTO gcc4]]
  • [[HOWTO prefetch files on boot]]
  • [[HOWTO Create a DOS boot disk]]
  • [[HOWTO Create a DOS boot USB flash drive]]
  • [[HOWTO Optimise glibc]]
  • [[HOWTO Logwatch]]
  • Clone a VL system
  • [[Syslog-ng|HOWTO Syslog-ng]]

File Systems

  • HOWTO Automatically Mount Filesystems (AUTOFS)
  • [[HOWTO Convert Filesystems]]
  • TrueCrypt
  • [[HOWTO Encrypt Your Home Directory Using CFS]]
  • [[HOWTO Encrypt Your Home Directory Using EncFS]]
  • [[HOWTO Encrypt Your Home Directory Using LUKS and pam_mount]]
  • [[HOWTO Find broken links]]
  • [[SWAP ERASE on halt|HOWTO Automatically overwrite your swap with zeros on halting your system]]
  • [[HOWTO move, resize partitions]]
  • [[HOWTO Mount Windows partitions (DOS, FAT,NTFS)]]
  • [[HOWTO hfsplus]] kernel support, mkfs.hfsplus, fsck.hfsplus
  • [[HOWTO NTFS write with Captive approach]]
  • NTFS write with ntfs-3g
  • [[HOWTO Update reiser4 partitions|HOWTO Update Reiser4 Partitions]]
  • [[HOWTO Reiser4 With Gentoo-Sources]] Reiser4 on gentoo-sources 2.6.12-3
  • [[HOWTO Use filesystem ACLs]]
  • [[HOWTO Read-only root filesystem]]
  • [[HOWTO clean /tmp]] tmpwatch, tmpreaper, tmpfs etc.:
  • [[HOWTO Mount UFS partitions]]
  • [[HOWTO GmailFS]] analog of Gmail Drive for Windows
  • [[HOWTO use User Quota's]]
  • [[HOWTO Truecrypt]]
  • [[HOWTO OCFS2]]

Burning CDs/DVDs

  • [[HOWTO ATAPI CD Burning|ATAPI CD Burning]] - Burning a CD
  • Burn Encrypted DVDs - Mountable, encrypted DVD backups
  • [[HOWTO Burn Encrypted Optical Media With Luks]] - Mountable, encrypted CDr/DVDr media
  • [[HOWTO Create a DVD|Create a DVD]]
  • [[HOWTO Create an Audio CD|Create an Audio CD]]
  • [[HOWTO Packet Writing on CD-RW|Packet Writing on a CD-RW]] - Write to a CD like a filesystem


X Server

GL Compositing

  • [[HOWTO XGL]]
  • [[HOWTO nVidia GL Desktop Effects]]
  • [[HOWTO Metisse]]

Desktop Environments

  • [[HOWTO Same look for QT, GTK 2 and GTK 1 apps]]
  • [[HOWTO Entrance]]
  • [[HOWTO GDM Sessions]]
  • [[HOWTO Gdm setup|HOWTO Setup Gdm]]
  • [[HOWTO Get rid of GTK 1.x]]
  • [[HOWTO windowsDM|HOWTO look and feel of windows under a linux base]]
  • [[Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK|HOWTO Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK]]


  • [[HOWTO KMail gpg-agent kde]]
  • [[HOWTO Update KDE 3.3 to KDE 3.4]]
  • [[HOWTO ssh-agent the easy way]]
  • [[HOWTO_Kmail_and_Spamassassin|HOWTO Secure Kmail (SpamAssassin and ClamAV)]]
  • [[HOWTO Resize Images using ServiceMenus (right click)]]
  • [[HOWTO Kmail and BitDefender]]
  • [[HOWTO Integrate Firefox with KDE]]
  • [[HOWTO OpenOffice with KDE]]
  • [[HOWTO remove KDE]]


  • [[HOWTO Gnome Desktop for the End-User|Gnome Desktop for the End-User]]
  • [[GNOME Admin Guide quick-n-dirty]]
  • [[HOWTO Update to GNOME unstable|Update to GNOME unstable]]
  • [[HOWTO Avoid GTK 1.2|Avoid GTK 1.2]]
  • [[HOWTO Migrate from Xscreensaver to Gnome-Screensaver]]

Lightweight Desktops

  • [[WindowMaker]]
  • [[HOWTO_Openbox|Openbox]]
  • [[HOWTO_Fluxbox|Fluxbox]]
  • [[HOWTO_IceWM|IceWM]]
  • [[HOWTO_e17|Enlightenment DR17]]
  • [[HOWTO_EvilWM|EvilWM]]
  • [[HOWTO_RatPoison|Rat Poison]]
  • [[Ion]]



  • [[HOWTO Activate Graphical login|HOWTO Activate Graphical Login]]
  • [[HOWTO Autostart Programs]]
  • [[HOWTO DRI with ATi Open-Source Drivers]]
  • [[HOWTO Modular Xorg]]
  • [[HOWTO Switch from XFree to Xorg|HOWTO Switch from XFree to X.Org]]
  • [[HOWTO XFS and Custom Fonts]]
  • [[HOWTO Xorg and Fonts|HOWTO X.Org & Fonts]]
  • [[HOWTO Widescreen Resolutions (WSXGA)]]
  • [[HOWTO Eliminate warning "(WW) Open APM failed (/dev/apm bios) (No such file or directory)"]]
  • [[HOWTO Large Mouse Cursors]]
  • [[HOWTO get 2 users on 1 pc]]
  • [[HOWTO startx in a chroot]]

Window Managers

See the Window Manager Index


  • HOWTO Automatically turn off your monitor
  • Dual Monitor Setup
  • [[HOWTO Enabling Monitor Power Saver]]
  • [[HOWTO Intel 855 andor 915 fix|HOWTO fix Intel 855/915 misbehaviour]]
  • Advanced Mouse
  • [[HOWTO Phone sync|HOWTO Phone Syncing]]
  • [[HOWTO sync mobile phone with Gentoo|HOWTO Sync Nokia N-series Phones]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup MythTV]]
  • [[HOWTO Setup MythTV in Framebuffer]]
  • [[HOWTO Separate x-screens on Monitor and TV|HOWTO Separate X-Screens on TV & Monitor]]
  • Multimedia Keys



Wine & Cedega

  • [[HOWTO Install games in winex without switching CDs (through image mounting)|HOWTO Use WineX & CD Image Mounting]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Cedega]]
  • Wine
  • [[HOWTO Install and update World Of Warcraft with wine]]
  • [[HOWTO Install and update World Of Warcraft with Cedega]]
  • [[HOWTO Wine/Cedega Games]]
  • [[HOWTO Install GoogleEarth with wine]] - Outdated, linux version in portage
  • [[HOWTO Install StarCraft with wine]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Internet Explorer 6 SP1]]
  • [[HOWTO Ebooks]]
  • [[HOWTO RUN Need for Speed Most Wanted with Cedega]]
  • [[HOWTO wine-games Installation]]
  • [[HOWTO Run Powergrab]]
  • [[HOWTO Ventrilo Via Wine]]
  • [[Watchtower Library 2005|HOWTO Watchtower Library 2005]]
  • [[photoshop|HOWTO photoshop]]

Specific to non-x86 architecture

  • [[HOWTO Gentoo on MAC OSX Bootstrap|HOWTO Gentoo on Mac OS X]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Firefox with java on amd64]]
  • [[HOWTO Install Gentoo on an Apple iBook]]
  • [[HOWTO setup gentoo on a pda or embedded system|HOWTO setup Gentoo on a PDA or embedded system]]
  • [[HOWTO Use prefixed portage (in development)]]


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