Direct Iso On A Windows Host

This installation method will save you from having to burn a CD. Assume that you already have Windows 95 or 98 running on the computer, and the partitions have been prepared.

  • Download your iso of choice from a mirror site. Move it to the top level directory (C:\ or D:\). Don't forget to check its integrity.
  • You MUST now rename the iso to follow DOS 8.3 filename specs (e.g. VL58.ISO, not vl58.1.24vl5.iso), and the filename should be all capital letters.
  • The next files should be placed into C:\loadlin
    • loadlin.exe
      • Get it from “install/loadlin/” directory within the FTP site.
    • initrd.img
      • Find it as “isolinux/initrd.img” within the FTP site
    • The kernel file that matches your system (ide, scsi, sata, adaptec)
      • You may select one of them from “isolinux/kernel/” directory within FTP site.

Then proceed with the installation:

  • Shutdown Windows to DOS mode (Windows XP doesn't have that option)
  • Type cd C:\loadlin <enter>
  • Type loadlin ide root=/dev/ram rw initrd=initrd.img <enter>.

You should replace the “ide” with the name of the kernel that you downloaded earlier. The standard installation process will be started.

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